Do you ship internationally?

At this time, we only offer shipping options within Canada. 

If you are interested in shipping internationally, please contact customercare@homagegifts.com to inquire about an international shipping quote.

What are your shipping options?

BY COURIER (during normal business days/ hours)

Same-day free courier service (within a 10km radius from DT Vancouver) - 11 am cutoff. 

Same-day courier services outside Vancouver - 11 am cutoff (depending on location)
Cost based on location, for example, from downtown to Delta, approximately $47.

Next-day free courier service (within a 10km radius from DT Vancouver) - orders placed after 11 am. 


Within Greater Vancouver - 1-2 business days 
Regional - 2-5 business days 
National - 4-10 business days 

Within Greater Vancouver - Next day 
Regional - 1-2 business days 
National - 1-3 business days 

Within Greater Vancouver - Next day 
Regional - Next day 
National - Next day 

Can I rush my order?

If you are in a rush for your order, please contact customercare@homagegifts.com to request rush services. We will do our best to accommodate you.

Do you offer local pickup?

There is something about parenthood that gives us a sense of history and a deeply rooted desire to send on into the next generation the great things we have discovered about life. And part of that is the desire to instill in our children the love of science, of learning.

Can I customize my order?

We specialize in custom orders and offer an array of different services to make your gift stand out. From custom branding, packaging to sourcing we have your needs covered. Please get in touch with us at custom@homagegifts.com for your custom gifting needs.

My order was never delivered?

On rare occasions, packages can get lost or stolen. If you suspect your package has been lost in transit, please contact us at customercare@homagegifts.com.

I accidently provided the wrong shipping address

If you accidently provided the wrong shipping address or recipient information upon check out, we encourage you to reach out to customercare@homagegifts.com immediately with the correct information. Please ensure you include 'URGENT' in the subject line.

What is your return policy?

If your gift did not arrive as expected or you are not 100% satisfied, please get in touch with customercare@homagegifts.com and we will ensure we make it up to you.